Advances in research
saved my life.

— Nicole Courchesne

Nicole Courchesne, patient, and Amélie Valcourt, her research nurse

small miracles

Bronchitis? Pneumonia? At 53, Nicole Courchesne came to Emergency at Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne with respiratory problems. She had no idea what she was in for…

“I thought it was a big waste of time, because I thought I had bronchitis!

I was alone in room number 8 when the respirologist came in. I’d told my husband to go to the garage in the meantime…It was going to be a long wait!

I was alone when I was told that I had a mass the size of a clementine on my left lung.

I was alone when I was told it was stage 4 cancer and that there was no cure.

You never want to hear a doctor say “incurable.” It felt like a punch in the stomach. You want a solution. In my case, the solution was immunotherapy. I was eligible for a research program, and I immediately accepted.

Five years, 35 treatments and, then, a lobectomy. I beat the odds. It was…a miracle! There’s no trace of my cancer left.”

Thanks to you, miracles happen! You give patients like Nicole a precious gift.

Your generosity brings comfort to patients dealing with such devastating diagnoses. It brings many of them the hope of recovery! You save lives.