You’re the heroes in this story!
The guardian angels in
the COVID unit, aka Covidtown,
and Super Martin,
who scored a K.O. against COVID!”

— Isabelle

Isabelle, 43 years old, Martin, 49, Amélie, 18, and Mégane, 15


“It all started with a small cough and a slight headache. I didn’t want to take any chances—it was time for a COVID test. The whole family tested positive. Then Martin came down with a fever, a serious cough and major fatigue. It was straight to the hospital. The virus moved into his lungs. Diabetes, cholesterol, overweight, sleep apnea. The perfect storm of risk factors. He was transferred to intensive care, and spent four days in a coma.

I was so worried. We were all so worried. But we were three, while Martin was all ALONE with his fear. One day, the girls and I drove to the hospital. We drove around it. We sent him positive vibes from right outside. We talked to him… not in person, but from the car. We hoped that somehow he’d hear us and feel our wave of love.

And I think he did… The next day, we FaceTimed. It was very emotional. A few days later, Super Martin scored a K.O. against the virus. But COVID left its mark: shortness of breath, fatigue… We were scared. He was scared of dying. I was scared of losing him.”

The Lepage family’s story is a testament to the distress of patients and families separated by the lockdown. By financing the purchase of tablets, you broke the isolation of patients. Thanks to you, their loved ones could be by their bedside.

You made a huge difference for entire families who were left helpless in their isolation.