We were there
for each other.

— Christopher

Christopher, 17 years old, a participant in the Horizon 4 Saisons Program

hope for the future of youth suffering from mental illness

Christopher was bullied as soon as he started high school. At 17, he’s a young man who has lacked confidence in himself. He’s always had difficulty making friends with people his own age. Then he participated in the Horizon 4 Saisons Program and everything changed.

According to his mother, Tania, Christopher is much less stressed, so much calmer since. He knows that he can do other things than play online all day. And he interacts more with her and her husband.

“We were in nature for four days. We attended several workshops beforehand. It felt like we’d been away for two weeks. We didn’t want to leave. It was great. Finally, I was able to disconnect from the Internet. That was a big change for me. But I loved it!”

Tania has only one regret—that Christopher wasn’t able to participate in a program like this earlier on. It would have helped him so much. She hopes that other young people like him will be able to have this opportunity.

Today, hundreds of young people are waiting for services. Since the pandemic, the waiting list is longer than ever! Families in difficulty have to wait for months. Young people are suicidal, in broken relationships, completely dysfunctional. At school and at home.

By supporting young people like Christopher, you’re helping them find new strategies to overcome life’s challenges. You’re giving them an opportunity to make friends they can talk to and who can help them find solutions. A support network for life!