Even though it was my fifth baby,
it was the first time I had to face
a situation like this. It was a little scary.

— Vanessa Gauthier

Vanessa Gauthier and Charles

safety for future mothers and care teams

Vanessa Gauthier, a nurse at the mother-child unit at Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne for 20 years, got pregnant with her fifth child in spring 2020—right in the midst of the pandemic.

She was immediately put on leave from work. But she had to be followed at the GARE Clinic for high-risk pregnancies.

Imagine the anxiety of a mother-to-be! Frequent visits to the hospital—what’s more, one dedicated to COVID—and the risk of infection! At the time, there wasn’t much information about the impact of COVID on pregnant women. And even less about its impact on infants.

Luckily, with your help, the GARE Clinic was quickly moved out of the Hospital. What a relief! But Vanessa found it hard to choose who would accompany her during the delivery. Her spouse or her mother? Both had always been by her side for the birth of her other four children.

In the end, she had grandma and the medical team (her second family!) by her side when beautiful little Charles came into the world. That’s him thanking you with his adorable smile!

Thank you for giving me access to great care in a safe environment, despite the pandemic. It was so reassuring for an anxious mother-to-be!

— Vanessa Gauthier

Thanks to you, the GARE Clinic was able to purchase another fetal monitor. This made available the best monitoring device for mothers-to-be and their babies! Without affecting triage and follow-up for mothers in the Hospital.

Your gesture made it possible to respond to future mothers in the middle of a health crisis. And their constant need to be reassured that their baby was fine.