You have sent us hundreds of messages of support. It was like a little pat on the back for our staff on the ground. A little boost to help overcome the fatigue we faced each and every day. You had a real impact. It was so appreciated by our teams and our patients. Your words of encouragement helped us carry on! Thank you!

“I thank the nurses and doctors at Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne from the bottom of my heart for the excellent care my mother received. Being in B.C. made it all the more difficult for me, but knowing that she was in good hands was very reassuring. Thank you.”

— Fiona Hugues

“I’m back home. I just got discharged from Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne, and more specifically from COVIDTOWN. I was in intensive care for nine days. Thank God I was placed in the care of the Hospital’s healthcare workers.”

— Mauricio Garzon

Josée Thibault, 50 years old, and respirologist Nadim Srour.
Photo: Olivier Jean, La Presse archives

“I’m so filled with gratitude for your devotion, perseverance and determination. To each and every one of you—all of the healthcare workers—a huge thank you for always being there for all of us. You’re our heroes. Your contribution will go down in history.”

— Sylvie Lacelle

“Several members of my family and many of my friends are healthcare workers. I’m with you all, heart and soul. I’m sending out lots of positive vibes and lots of love to all healthcare workers. Bravo for all your incredible work!”

— Manon Lalonde

Physiotherapist Laurie Brunton supporting Juliette M. in a sitting position.
Crouching in front of Ms. M., nurse Justine Bouchard.
Photo: Olivier Jean, La Presse archives

“Dear healthcare workers, There’s nothing I can put down on paper that could possibly capture the wonderful, exemplary and exhausting work that you’ve been doing since the beginning of the pandemic. I can well imagine the fatigue and discouragement that you must feel at times. If you weren’t there to deliver your incredible care, it would be a total nightmare. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My spouse and I are doing everything we can to not catch this virus and end up in the hospital. I’m sending you great big hugs, full of joy despite everything. Stay healthy. And stay strong. You are truly indispensable.”