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Your Hospital

2021 gratitude report

The late Yvan Forest, patient

I often say that Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne is ‘my’ hospital. It’s where I’ve experienced great joy, like the birth of my daughters. And profound sadness, like the very recent passing of my beloved father, Ron.

— Josée Lavigueur

Art Therapist Martine Ashby and the late Nicole Cormier
during the final stage of her life.


Like us, you have your own history with the Hospital. For some of you, it’s lifelong. For others, just a visit.

Your experience may have been short or long, joyful or sad. But you’ll forever be linked to Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne.

Your Hospital has been there for you at every stage of your life. As one of our generous donors, you’ve been there too. For the patients at Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne and their families.

Through your generous support, you’ve been there for them during moments of great joy and hardship. Whether it’s the birth of adorable Charles. Christopher who is dealing with mental illness. Nicole Courchesne who is recovering from cancer. Or the late Nicole Cormier, whose hand you held until she drew her last breath.

You’re there for challenges, big and small. You’re there for life’s precious moments. And you’re there to help us provide a healthcare environment that stands out for its quality, safety, innovation—and compassion.

The love you show our patients and our health staff is an inspiration to us all.

We are so grateful to you.

Nathalie Boudreau

Executive Director,
Fondation Hôpital

Richard Deschamps

President and Chief
Executive Officer, CISSS
de la Montérégie-Centre

Benoit Lemieux

Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Fondation Hôpital